Note the challenge guide us forward


7 month 8 days, sunny rain.

if the Qinghai Lake is a beautiful girl, then the race around the lake is one of the hands of the beautiful girl’s admirers.

because love, so care.

today’s Qinghai Lake from cloudy to sunny, for the cyclist, tests and challenges.

snow capped mountains, white clouds, blue sky, cattle and sheep, and all over the mountains and plains rape flower field, picturesque scenery, the players were in the beautiful Qinghai lake.

Qinghai Lake to Gangcha, the entire 185 km, low temperature, cross wind test of the race around the lake drivers.


stage is still a long distance race, with three sprint points. Although the road is still a few stages before the stage, but comparatively, the altitude is much higher for the drivers, physical strength is a big challenge.

in the beginning of last night, Qinghai lake began to cool, so this stage of the game process among the players also need to do the necessary work to keep warm.

this stage the riders completed a half circle around the road in a clockwise direction, is to get close to the Qinghai Lake the most beautiful stage. Beautiful scenery along the way, it is unforgettable.

but, after a night of rain Qinghai Lake temperature less than 10 degrees Celsius, plus Lake riding so that the wind stage of some of the difficult road.

the first 60 km riders riding speed of only 30 kilometers per hour, far below the normal speed. The first sprint top China driver began to attack, the Gansu team Yang Zengtao, Yu Shijie Hainan team and Qinghai team tianyoude Zhang Jinde scored top three sprint points.

100 km, the lake side winds increased, several teams began to accelerate, will be divided into several small groups. In particular, the Russian team is successful with the aid of cross wind breakthrough, the formation of riding group. Finally from the Russian team to become the fourth Los siviero Ivan stage of the championship in 4 hours 33 minutes 57 seconds. Ivan said in an interview with reporters today, the stage is very long, it is very difficult, a lot of wind. However, in the last 20 km, the use of cross wind successfully breakout, my teammates are very fit. The yellow jersey still belongs to the Kors team of Ukraine.

you see, or not see me, I’ll be there, not sad not happy; you read, or not read me, love is there……

because of you, we meet together; because of you, we go together.


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