Study and implement the spirit of eighteen North fire fire cast iron soul

this is an advanced collective, over the years, has emerged in many of the heroes have been capable of evoking praises and tears, the Ministry of public security fire department, the Fire Department of Qinghai Province, Xining city fire brigade, local government as an advanced unit, multiple awards for meritorious service.

this is a team that can endure hardship, fight, discipline, and dedicate. Is a call, to war, war to win the steel team, but also a strong fighting force, can play a warrior, the brave, the party and the people can be trusted by the team.

over the years, north of the city fire brigade have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, to complete the outstanding tasks in fire prevention, fire fighting and rescue center, to the north of the city area of rapid economic development, social harmony and stability to create a good environment for fire safety.

keep in mind the mission to protect the side of peace

The fire brigade north area of

where the Mission District in north area of logistics, building materials and other enterprises, including Home Furnishing, Beishan Huangshui River building materials professional market of nearly 10. Around the market formation of warehousing, processing, small workshops, small factories, hotels and other places of intensive, especially Home Furnishing, plate, insulation materials, liquefied gas and other combustible flammable and explosive goods and processing and the use rate is higher, more serious is in many places for urban high, bankrupt enterprises, sales and miscellaneous personnel. At the same time, the North District is Xining city to national high-tech industrial park as the basis, with the construction of distribution center of agricultural and sideline products, development of the Beichuan River Basin, modern logistics park and science research service base as an opportunity to build the high-tech industrial area, modern urban leisure agriculture demonstration garden and landscape ecological livable area. In the face of such a mission area, north of the city fire brigade to firmly establish a sense of responsibility, to carry forward the spirit of teamwork, depending on the legs from door to door investigation risks, even hidden in the corner of the area in small workshops, small factories all over the law enforcement ideas of innovation at the same time, the implementation of grid management, attention to detail, strengthen guidance services, the mission area the relatively small number of fires. At the same time, in recent years the North District efforts to promote the government to implement the fire control work responsibility system, highlighting the fire prevention infrastructure construction, fire safety and give full play to the role of the joint meeting, to form a cohesive force, socialization of fire control work has achieved new results.

Zhang Yong: xianbuzhu fire soldiers

joined the army for 20 years, from a recruit to grow into a brigade leader, Zhang Yong, the fire brigade has a lot of emotion and sigh. For decades the fire soldier career, responsibility consciousness deeply implanted in his soul, and that from the East District to the west region, and then to the Fire Brigade North District, he became a typical xianbuzhu, only at the scene, only in the line of his heart will be at ease.

harmony, care, empathy, light and other words is the most used in the Zhang Yong interview. He said: in the management of troops and law enforcement work, the first responsibility to be, and then the heart than;

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