Xining city women’s Federation initiative everyone is striving to be a civilized citizen

July 30th, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation issued a proposal to the majority of women and family members, the majority of women initiative to actively join the "Xining city public works to enhance the quality of" activities, to contribute to the construction of civilization in Xining.

Xining Municipal Women’s Federation initiative, the majority of the city’s women and family members to talk about social morality, do civilized citizens should strictly abide by social morality, social morality norms according to requirements of the work, the instrument of civilization, civilized behavior, willing to participate in social welfare activities, helping disadvantaged groups; take care of collective property and public monuments, city civilization facilities, the maintenance of national natural resources and natural environment. Tell the occupation morality, do civilized worker, to love their work, hard work and dedication, establish the idea of serving the people wholeheartedly, be the servants of the people, and consciously accept the supervision of the masses, and constantly improve the service level of the masses. Talk about family virtues, do civilized members to zunlaoaiyou, equality, harmony, thrifty, neighborhood unity; to continue to develop and improve the quality of their own conduct, moral education sub.


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