Wang Yubo deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of the two markets

the afternoon of September 27th, vice secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, vice mayor Tong Wang, in the city of Commerce, industry and commerce, health and other department leaders accompanied to Mojia street market, 100 square store, Huarun vanguard supermarket, meteorological Lane farmers market in our city, "two" the market supply inspection work. Wang Yubo asked me to the relevant departments must ensure the safety and security from the supply, price stability and so on well organize and arrange the holiday market supply and service guarantee, to ensure that people enjoy a happy and peaceful holiday.

Wang Yubo

pointed out that during the holiday periods centralized public consumption, market supply and food safety work of the festival, and bearing on the interests of every citizen, we must attach great importance to this work. First, to ensure that the market supply. Take effective measures to maintain market stability and ensure market supply. Make the holiday market emergency plan, improve the working mechanism, do a good job in dealing with abnormal fluctuations in the market preparation. According to the festival market consumption characteristics, carefully organize the source of goods, guide enterprises to open up supply channels, multi level marketing convergence, supply an ample supply of the necessities of life, the rich variety of goods to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Seize the opportunity to develop popular festivals, the consumer space, in order to guide the rational consumption. Two to strengthen the holiday market inspection. Firmly establish a sense of safety, careful investigation of security risks, to ensure safety during the holiday season. Focus on shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, bazaars and other places for security risks investigation, and earnestly implement the security measures to prevent accidents. To strengthen market supervision and inspection, and actively carry out the food safety risk monitoring work, food safety in key areas of the masses concern, reflecting strong focus, strict quality control, to eliminate substandard products into the market. Especially to strengthen health and safety inspection of direct entrance food, to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements of health; to strengthen food safety inspection of the tourist attractions, visitors to ensure food safety; to increase inspections of market supervision and crack down on collusive pricing, price gouging, hoarding and profiteering, shoddy and other illegal behavior, and earnestly safeguard the normal order of market circulation, to create a convenient, safe and comfortable consumption environment. Three to strengthen the market early warning forecast, pay close attention to changes in the commodity market, found that the price volatility, commodity shortages and so on, to take effective measures to resolve quickly. The key point is to grasp the supply of good meat, eggs, vegetables, grain and other important necessities, markets, supermarkets and other master key commercial enterprises and retail enterprises supply, inventory and sales, found important goods out of stock or out of stock and so on, to take effective measures to timely deployment. (author: Shi Fei)

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