Qinghai cultural tourism festival will be brilliant


Art beats nature. Qinghai folk art; Qinghai colorful ethnic culture and unique natural landscape; the wind horse flag mysterious and ancient way of praying as a symbol of good continuation, show the collision Tibetan culture and the charm of rock with the earth stage wind horse car festival; unique by Korean artist to the charm of the national culture, traditional culture and modern culture, the expression of the people of China and South Korea friendly beautiful music…… This is a cultural tourism "delicacies", is only part of the thirteenth session of the Qinghai cultural tourism festival feast in August 12th, the province’s people can enjoy the taste of every fine food at this year’s Qinghai cultural tourism festival". August 13th, the thirteenth Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival Officially opened.
"exhibition" let the people looking forward to
when South Korea exhibitors will showcase South Korea has elements of cultural products and creative products. The countries along the Silk Road cultural products exhibition, will be invited to Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Kazakhstan and other countries on display "The Belt and Road along the country’s cultural art and life supplies, supplies and accessories and other South Asian countries religion.
"performances" invited the people to enjoy carnival
"square hall show" people with a cool summer

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