Xining 5 billion 300 million yuan investment to promote the construction of water ecological civiliz

In November 6th, the Ministry of Water Conservancy Commission, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission Water Resources Protection Bureau, the provincial water resources department joint research group consisting of research on Xining city water city construction of ecological civilization pilot work, municipal government deputy mayor Jin Jiuchen in the afternoon held a symposium on research activities. The reporter learned from the forum, since 2014, Xining vigorously promote water ecological civilization city construction pilot work, invested 5 billion 320 million yuan in building effective, let the people see the changes benefit.

I since 2013 by the Ministry of water resources for national water ecological civilization city construction pilot city, closely around the "Ning Fanglve rule, water for the development of the concept of government", give full play to the water ecological civilization city pilot construction of the core role in the creation of a national ecological civilization pilot area in the city, highlighting the plateau landscape geographical features. Actively explore the semi arid plateau water ecosystem construction mode, to adhere to the water ecology of this article.

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