To put into practice the United Front Work

September 26th, Xining new United Front Cadres forum held in the municipal Party school. Su Rong, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, political and Law Committee Secretary, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Party Secretary of the United Front Work Department attended the forum, Liu Fade. New United Front Cadres on behalf of the exchange made a speech at the meeting.

Su Rong pointed out at the meeting, leaders of the United Front is a bridge to strengthen ties, ethnic and religious temples and the United Front Department of communication, undertake actively publicize the party’s ethnic and religious policies and laws and regulations, education and guidance of monks patriotism, law-abiding precepts, strengthen the management of Religious Affairs according to law, against hostile forces to split the penetration and other important work task. To the practical work style into the United Front Work of the specific practice, in order to maintain the harmony and stability of Xining to play its due role.

Su Rong, the new cadres should strive for in a relatively short period of time, to learn practical knowledge to enhance the ability to work hard, and get into the role as soon as possible. Should be based on the actual, bent down at the grass-roots level deeply into the monastery, the monastic life, earnestly carry out research work, collect first-hand information, Mozhun understand the actual situation, summed up the experience and grasp the rules, strategies and measures to seek truth from facts, problems and difficulties, down-to-earth to complete every work. The province’s capital city to firmly establish service consciousness, firmly grasp the basic education and guidance, strengthen national unity, and effectively improve the monks, living Buddha and temple management committee members to participate in a city of Xining, a model city, Jian Wei Sen, enthusiasm, firmly with all kinds of violation of the law, destruction of national unity and social stability, ethnic and the fight against ethnic separatist conflicts. Facing the new situation and new tasks, we must adhere to the "tit for tat, clear-cut, grasp the basic principle of active, for the people", continuously enhance political acumen, improve political discernment, in politics, thought and action is always highly consistent with the Party Central Committee, carry forward the patriotic righteousness, evil resist split, firmly grasp the initiative the right of the struggle, become the backbone of resisting penetration.


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