Real estate unified registration system reform

reporter learned from the provincial department, since the end of 2013, the national unified registration of immovable property is ready to start work, our province steadily promote the unified registration of immovable property system reform, deploy early, fast action, measures, all kinds of work in the forefront of the country.
the province to establish and improve the unified registration of immovable property mechanism, in February 2014, the provincial land department formulated the "Qinghai Province Construction unified registration of immovable property plan", after extensive consultations in 6 issued to municipalities, state governments, on the guiding ideology, integration method, the establishment of institutions, schedule etc. put forward clear requirements, this work is at the forefront of other provinces.

to lay a solid foundation for the work of the office of land and resources issued the "preparation plan" and "speeding up the collective construction land and homestead in the implementation of the rural cadastral survey (including housing ownership registration certification) implementation plan", and actively implement the subsidy funds, has been implementing provincial subsidies of more than 5600 yuan, earmarked for certification registration of land and land ownership of the rural collective construction. At present, Xining City, Haixi and Haibei field investigation work has basically ended, the rural collective construction land and land ownership registration certification work plan completed by the end of 2015, this work is unique in the country.


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