The province’s 426 nursing staff were commended

, who has been working in a job for 30 years, means giving all his youth to the profession. In the "5· 12 International Nurses Day" on the eve, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission of the province’s 426 long-term fight in disease prevention and treatment, nursing age for front-line care workers more than 30 years of recognition, but also for the province’s 220 nursing workers issued "the nursing contribution award".

As an important part of medical and health care, the nursing work of

is closely related to people’s health and life safety. The nurse bear the life-saving, protection of life and disease prevention, to alleviate the suffering of the professional responsibility in the construction of the harmonious doctor-patient relationship plays an important role in the. For a long time, our province focus on strengthening the construction of nursing team, through the promotion of intensive care, emergency treatment, blood purification, oncology nurse standardized training and professional skills of nurses nurse team has improved rapidly, is an important force in our province on the health front. Most nursing workers in the reform of public hospitals, the implementation of nursing quality, to reform the clinical nursing service mode as the breakthrough point, deepen the "patient-centered" service concept, focus on the connotation of nursing service construction, improves the continuity and integrity of medical care service and coordination, to provide full, comprehensive, professional, physical and mental quality the holistic nursing care for patients, improve the patient experience. At the same time, with the constant improvement of the health care system, the rapid development of community health services in our province, the majority of nursing workers also gradually expand the field of nursing service, into the community, family, rehabilitation hospitals, geriatric hospitals and other medical institutions to provide continuity, chronic disease management, long-term care, rehabilitation and hospice care for patients.


cited 30 years of nursing age of nursing staff and excellent nursing workers from medical institutions at all levels across the province, and they fulfill their duties conscientiously, in the ordinary nursing posts, and emergency treatment in previous major natural disasters and public health emergencies have made outstanding contributions. They love their work, do not insult the white angel mission, dedication and love to each patient, with practical action to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Nightingale.


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