The eastern three implement strong guidance

The day before, the author from the East District thirteen session of the seven plenary Committee was informed that, to maintain a good momentum of rapid development in the first half of the eastern economic society, including GDP, fixed asset investment growth are among the first four key projects; steady implementation of key projects in the planning construction of 140 years, plans to invest 8 billion 479 million yuan, as of at the end of June, the project opening rate of 71.43%, the actual investment of 2 billion 286 million yuan, and the beginning of the development of major economic indicators of the goal of the realization of the double half".

– target forced, adhering to the implementation of. From the second half of the year will "strengthen grassroots construction, strengthen the basic work, improve the basic ability, based on the basic construction, carrying out work, improve the style of work, take practical action to implement the" grasping three, strong bases work requirements, and strive to achieve the mass line education practice and the base construction, leveraging each other advance. To take measures to promote grassroots force. The second half of the year, the East will strengthen the building of grassroots organizations, to guide the completion of the ninth session of the village (neighborhood) committee general election, elected together with excellent Village (neighborhood) committee work team; relying on the development of urban construction projects, the effective integration of resources area units, siting of new public service center and community neighborhood committee office service room, gradually to improve the conditions of grassroots office services. Huimin real policy, improve people’s livelihood first. In the second half, the East has also listed a number of Huimin real policy: pilot to carry out urban and rural minimum integration construction, urban and rural minimum living allowances to achieve consistent standards, management, comprehensive coverage. To carry out social assistance, a type of pilot work to ensure timely assistance to the needy people. Reform and innovation, fine service efficiency. The innovation of government purchasing services, the integration of budget resources, play the role of market mechanism, the labor and employment training, landscaping, sanitation and other originally undertaken by the government as a part of the public services to qualified social organizations, enterprises and institutions to fulfill, basically established a relatively complete system of government procurement of services to the social forces.  

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