Xining wildlife park snow leopard couple’s legendary life

west Metropolis Daily to join the Xining wildlife park for a pair of snow leopard baby name, Xining people to participate in, how a hot! In addition to a high degree of concern snow leopard baby, many people are also the parent of the dragon and Phoenix snow leopard baby Dabao, noisy very interested, want to know about the couple’s legendary life".

October 13th, Xining wild zoo a staff member told reporters that the snow leopard baby daddy lakes called Dabao, according to the age, the prime of life, it is combined with some energy, articulate, good heterosexual love. "Snow Leopard baby" mommy "belongs to the campus Belle", stage name of noisy, typical of the "great lady". If the person’s age, it comes at a time when young, as for the specific number of first-class figure, Christina, on the "beauty", is really a privacy!

said the couple’s childhood experience, can be described as qiqicancan. April 2008, Dabao was rescued in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. At that time, it was less than a year old, his parents were cruel abandoned in the field to be Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., enthusiastic people that receive timely aid. Noisy, 2009 was rescued in Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. At that time, it did not keep up with his young mother’s footsteps, but lost. It issued a similar voice of a bird, a warm-hearted mother to find, that resembles cat animal curled up in the crevices of stone. The next scenario is that it is the same as the future husband Dabao, were sent to the new home – Xining wildlife park snow leopard breeding base, from then on, their lives and feelings opened a new page.

, the staff member said that at present, the big treasure, make this couple of snow leopard cherish the hard won life. In particular, the name of the activities, to see so many people are concerned about a family of four, they are very happy, noisy postpartum depression, all of a sudden healed.

it is understood that the snow leopard is very rare and endangered wild animal was included in the International Red book. Previously, several experts on snow leopard population distribution in Qinghai Province, but it is difficult to see its true colors. (author: Zhang Pu)


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