Wang Guosheng Xining urban planning and construction of the Xining Provincial People’s livelihood to

7 3, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng pomp, random survey of the Xining city planning and construction. He has come to the beautiful garden in the Lake District, Nanshan Ning Lake Wetland and Phoenix Palace, look at the layout, urban development, ecological management, green landscaping, road drainage, city planning, construction and management of knowledge. Wang Guosheng pointed out that under the leadership of the provincial government, the Xining municipal Party committee and government led the majority of cadres and the masses continue to struggle, the city has undergone great changes.

wangguosheng stressed that Xining city was the first high, high concentration of various elements, carrying the service function of radiation Province, Qinghai tibet. We should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the working conference of the central city, and integrate the advanced concepts of ecological protection and other aspects into the aspects of urban planning and construction management. To understand the important role of city in economic and social development, improving people’s livelihood from the overall height, respect for the law of city development, adapt to the new expectations of the province, the people of the city, city planning research, Science City, accelerate the construction of the city. To highlight the characteristics of landscape, vigorously carry out ecological restoration and construction. To improve the function, enhance the taste, so that the city is more livable, more beautiful, more dynamic, so that people’s happiness index continues to improve.

Wang Yubo research together.


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