Tracking Xining Social Security Bureau the green light reimbursement of hospitalization expenses

Xining evening news on November 15th A03 version of the true feelings of the continuation of the life of the horse…… Once published, caused widespread concern in the community.

Ma Junhua is suffering from uremia late years by peritoneal dialysis to sustain life, up more than 5000 yuan monthly medical expenses, like a mountain have their breath, looking at the huge medical expenses, only one time to borrow from relatives and friends. Due to the high cost of treatment in the hospital, Li Tie learned to do peritoneal dialysis at home to do for their loved ones, but not other costs, only Liquor Dialysisintraperitoneus also spend a lot of money. In October 23rd, Ma Junhua uremia complicated with heart failure, acute peritonitis, in Qinghai Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, first aid, 40 days of hospitalization cost of 10 thousand yuan, because can not afford the huge cost of hospitalization, patients slightly alleviated to midway discharge.

a young life is about to die, the community to lend a helping hand to retain. December 6th, the city’s Social Security Bureau leaders saw the newspaper after the report was very moved, said: I can not bear to look at a fresh life on the way! Can not bear to look at such a small child without maternal love!" So soon to Ma Junhua lent a warm hand to contact the designated medical institutions, to understand the horse Junhua medical costs, medical treatment in the original settlement of 698. 26 yuan? Based on the Liquor Dialysisintraperitoneus included in the normal scope of reimbursement, more settlement 3833?. 76 yuan, solve their as pressing danger.

in the conversation with the Social Security Bureau leadership, Li Tie was very moved, he said: "yeah! This more than 4000 yuan of money, for others it may not be anything, but for my family is life-saving money! Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your kind attention." Social Security Bureau leaders told him: "there are so many good hearted people in the community concerned about you, watching you, you will live a good life, take good care of your lover, you will be able to stand in the past." (author: Navy)


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