Xining city forestry bureau to give full play to business skills and seriously carry out the projec

In recent years, with the increasing investment of national forestry ecological construction, forestry ecological construction and investment are more standardized

in recent years, with the continuous increase of national forestry ecological construction investment, forestry ecological construction and investment more standardized. In order to actively seek national and province on investment, accelerate the progress of Xining city ecological process, city forestry bureau with Excel, give full play to the business staff working enthusiasm, conscientiously carry out the planning, feasibility study report, the city’s major forestry project implementation plan, project proposal and afforestation operation design projects such as writing books work, the full implementation of the project declaration and construction mechanism.

this year, the city forestry station in the completion of a comprehensive technical guidance, inspection and seedling management work at the same time, to overcome the lack of technical personnel, making the task is heavy, time tight and so difficult to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the work of professional and technical personnel, improve work efficiency, has completed the "climate change to achieve green growth Qinghai city in Xining Province, Huangshui River Basin afforestation project proposal", "Xining million acres of shelterbelt construction project proposal", "Xining city forest seedling infrastructure construction project feasibility study report" "Xining 2010 North engineering technology promotion project feasibility study report", "Xining city in 2009 to consolidate the results of returning farmland to forest afforestation project implementation plan", "Xining city in 2010, the central budget for investment of three North Shelterbelt Project Implementation Plan" "Xining City, the forestry zhongyoulin tending operation design" nearly 40 more than the project proposal, feasibility study report, the implementation of the program, the design of homework preparation work, make a positive contribution to the Xining city for the national forestry project and standardize the construction of forestry engineering.



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