West 15 projects to create a happy life

reporter from the west district government was informed that this year, West District will continue to arrange 210 million yuan of funds, the implementation of urban and rural construction, education style, social security, social management and services in areas such as 15 projects for the tangible things, efforts to improve the people’s production and living level.

reporter learned that this year, West District will deepen the implementation of the concept of refinement, in the perfect city carrier function, continued to improve people’s livelihood, maintaining social harmony and stability to achieve tangible results, which determine the project for the tangible things in 5 categories in 15, to create a happy life for the urban people.

social security

– plans to invest 85 million yuan, the area will be included in the area of landless peasants pension security, expanding the coverage of social security.

agricultural and rural

– plans to invest 4 million 100 thousand yuan, the implementation of the transformation of the road to the West Village to facilitate the masses travel.

– plans to invest 1 million 930 thousand yuan, the implementation of a total length of 7 km west of the fire drinking water pipeline project to protect the safety of drinking water in the West Village fire.

– plans to invest 2 million 250 thousand yuan, the implementation of the liberation of the village section of the water pipe network transformation project, a comprehensive solution to the problem of sewage discharge along jiefang.

urban construction

– plans to invest 16 million yuan, the new construction of the 37 public toilet, to further improve the urban public health infrastructure.

plans to invest 3 million 640 thousand yuan, covering the area of the area of coal-fired boiler gas pipe network has not been the transformation of gas transformation, further control of coal-burning pollution, improve the area of air quality, optimizing the living environment.

plans to invest 2 million yuan, the implementation of the 71 road Yasuoki residential landscape, street lamps, green renovation project, improve the residential environment.

– plans to invest 1 million 200 thousand yuan, the implementation of the old ruins of the old tiger park facilities maintenance, enhance the overall style of the park, for the general public to create a beautiful leisure and entertainment venues.

educational style

plans to invest 1 million yuan, belonged to the school with drinking fountains, to provide convenient, safe drinking water for teachers and students.

plans to invest 57 million 650 thousand yuan, while the region built Zhangjiawan primary school, solve the landless peasants and residents nearby school children.

plans to invest 35 million yuan, completed the construction of network infrastructure, campus network equipment, update the establishment of public database platform, optimization banbantong support system, further improve the construction of information education area.

– plans to invest 1 million 400 thousand yuan, in the area of public places and the old scattered house equipped with sports fitness equipment, and gradually meet the needs of residents within the area of public health facilities within 10 minutes.

social management and services


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