Xining West Railway Station opened the window

clean and tidy roads, neat shop windows and orderly running of vehicles…… West Railway Station has become a window to show the image of Xining civilization.

health status worthy of praise

although a large number of visitors every day, the health condition of the railway station still won praise. Reporters yesterday at the train station to see the sanitation workers hand a broom and a dustpan, all-weather non-stop cleaning discarded garbage at any time. At the same time, under the supervision of the Department responsible for the health of the station, the surrounding shop facade was scrubbed a new look, to create a clean and tidy West Railway station.

roads are in good condition

in the train station area, see the car’s shadow, the bus every 5 minutes in order to operate, less congestion on the road more smooth access. It is reported that, to maintain the normal operation of station traffic line, ensure traffic safety, traffic management departments to make great efforts to rectify the station running order, Station Road car was blocked in the car, put the car into a more fixed area standard, bus run is also more reasonable arrangement. I did not expect to take a bus in Xining is quite convenient, walking on the road did not block the road vehicles, traffic conditions are much better than ours." Visitors from Fujian Ding told reporters.

intimate volunteer service won praise

"we do not squeeze, lined up one by one on the train, pay attention to their own things." Volunteers with a small red flag, wearing a sign of volunteer service, directing passengers waiting for the bus. It is understood that the train station every day there are many people volunteered to carry out voluntary service activities here, difficult questions to help station health maintenance, maintenance of traffic order, the answer from the crowd, for the visitors from afar to show the beautiful summer and harmonious cultural atmosphere. (author: Liu Caiying)

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