Xi Jinping general secretary of the Red Army in the long march to commemorate the 80 anniversary of

over the past few days, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Red Army in the long march to commemorate the victory of the 80 annual meeting of the important speech in the province grassroots cadres and the masses caused strong repercussions. We are confident, have said, should seriously study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng speech at the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, I commemorate the forum, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech especially important speech during an inspection tour of Qinghai as a guide to the great spirit of the long march into a powerful force forward, always focus on "four solid", and promote new progress in the work.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "every generation has a long march for each generation, each generation must take their own long march. Today, the long march of our generation is to achieve the "two years" of the goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of the Chinese dream of the one hundred." The Province cadres and the masses have said, to take practical action to implement the "four major solid" requirements, in terms of innovation and development, ecological protection, improving people’s livelihood and the construction of the party, see the new achievements and new progress in every month, every year a new upgrade, a new leap forward, to ensure that the Party Central Committee and Xi the speech of the request, in the land of Qinghai and air plant.

Xining City, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of Beichuan Industrial Park Administrative Committee Deputy Director Ma said: "to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, is to put the spirit of the speech of General Secretary Xi as a guide to action to promote local economic development, and take practical action to contribute. Adhere to the priority of ecological protection, to explore the green production, fine management and market-oriented development of the road, fully stimulate the vitality of economic and social development, to better push forward the construction of the chase."

of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture zhouweishuji Wu Dejun said that the current and future periods, we must unify their thinking and actions to practice the spirit of the speech on the protection and construction of Sanjiang Sanjiang source source, sharing the source of Sanjiang, holding high the banner of "green ecological Thanksgiving, serve the country", grasp the source of Sanjiang national park system pilot "day the name" project, the implementation of Sanjiang source of ecological protection of the two phase of the project, enhance the scientificity, openness, initiative and creativity of regional ecological protection, build national ecological protection demonstration project, the completion of Yushu ecological restoration demonstration area, the first area of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, nature protection area.

"employment work and improve the people’s livelihood, in the future, we will further padded short board employment, actively develop the public record Crowdsourcing all helped to raise public mode, open integrated service platform with low cost, convenience, all elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, open up the new situation of Duocuobingju service work, create more jobs business opportunities for the people of the city." Tan Jixi, director of Employment Service Bureau of Golmud, listened carefully to the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping.

Delingha circular economy industrial park management committee deputy director Ainde told reporters: "the spirit of the long march is the current reform and development and inexhaustible precious spiritual resources, this spirit, regardless of how times change, conditions change, should inherit;

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