The more than and 20 Spring Festival cultural feast with you

Spring Festival is approaching, into the north of Xining City, a strong festive atmosphere blowing. To promote the national culture, showing the north area of rich cultural heritage, the north area will be launched in more than and 20 during the Spring Festival cultural feast, let people enjoy the happiness of a family union at the same time, also can feel the deep cultural taste.

City, community residents together to make lanterns for the Lantern Festival lighting exhibition, while in rural areas, dragon and lion dances, Hanchuan caigaoqiao, eight singles with national characteristics of the "soil" program is also stepping up the rehearsal. It is understood that this year, the provincial capital of the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival cultural activities to "dance happy Xining" as the theme, through cultural activities, to the countryside, Square Theatre performing arts, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, sports and fitness for citizens sent a feast.

rhythm cheerful Guozhuang dance contest, "Xiang Qu Cup" Hercules agricultural skills contest, tasting and other activities Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits Yu Wen did not go, the spring warmth, civilized and harmonious spring festival · a city theme in action and other activities kicked off. In addition, "sing the north" Chengbei district local folk singing contest, "Spring Festival" Art Tour, to go shopping and other activities have been on special purchases for the Spring Festival exhibition schedule. This month, the North District will also hold exhibitions and activities, excellent fire "fire" four big lantern exhibition, people pay New Year’s call, the Lantern Festival, a happy family "xiaonianye warmth activities, rural township interest Cultural Tourism Festival and other activities, with the public to spend a happy and auspicious cultural flavor the holiday. (author: Peng Nafan health building)

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