Xining pig supply tends to stabilize hog prices relatively stable

August 19th learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, after a period of labor pains, recently, the city’s pig supply tends to be stable, hog prices relatively stable hovering in the fluctuation of 0.5 yuan.

it is understood that this year, due to a series of factors such as cyclical fluctuations, my hog prices fell sharply, especially in May and June, the price of pig grain (that is, between the price of pork and pig feed price ratio) reached breakeven value 6:1 level, a sharp decline in the meat market not only makes me pig breeding large profits decline, but also greatly dampened their enthusiasm in reinforcing bar. To this end, the city through the 5 regions to closely monitor the meat market, try to avoid the phenomenon of meat cheap farmers phenomenon.

in a period of time, with the impact of the acquisition, the national meat reserves market corn price changes and other factors, the city’s pig supply gradually stabilized, forming a consistent relationship between market demand and actual slaughter, pig breeding income also began to gradually increase. According to the monitoring, a Municipal Bureau of Commerce since August, the city pig factory price has been hovering at 15 yuan per kilogram to 14.5 yuan, down 0.5 yuan only small fluctuations in space; the meat market retail price according to quality vary slightly, one leg of 18 yuan per kilogram, five flowers per kilogram of meat 19 yuan, remained stable overall.


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