Xining tax first use the second generation D card recognition system

is always using a fake ID card for purchase invoice tax registration mark, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau on the day before the first in the tax service hall and real estate transaction hall was installed in second generation identity card identification system, establish a "safety net" from the source, plug loopholes in tax collection and management.

in recent years, some specifically outlaws the use of false identity cards in the tax department for tax registration, invoice purchase, invoice and real estate transactions and tax related matters, and a gradual growth trend and expand. To this end, Xining City Bureau of special funds, to buy 11 sets of "second generation identity card identification device", were installed in the tax office and the real estate transaction tax service hall, help staff first time identifying the authenticity of documents, in order to effectively plug the loopholes in tax collection and management to strengthen the supervision of tax sources, and simplify the tax procedures. Through this system, the tax personnel in the taxpayers set up tax registration, invoice for ticket qualification acceptance, real-time login public security department national citizen identity information system, query the taxpayer to provide the legal representative, responsible for financial identity card number, name, photo and tax officers. Only when the data is fully consistent with the data, the tax authorities will handle the procedures for the registration and receipt of invoices. And when the system is in use, only the identification of the authenticity of the identity card, does not involve the identity of the background and personal identity card.


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