The City District Archives upgraded to national level will be more convenient for the public Chadang

October 23rd, in the provincial archives two national archives evaluation team under the review, the city archives to the National Archives of the two level by the acceptance of the assessment of 89.

two national archives created, Chengzhong District Archives will greatly enhance the service capabilities, and gradually realize the digitalization of archives, archives do open, public information, the public can obtain more convenience in use Chadang file. At present, the new museum is under construction, the library area will be expanded from the current 300 square meters to 2666 square meters, file collection, storage, utilization and security measures will also be updated and sound.

City District Archives existing collection of 54 documents, accounting, fonds, formation of marriage, discipline more than more than 20 categories, a total of 49271 volumes of data files. In three years, the archives has received access to and use of the archives staff more than 3100 people, with 4602 volumes, that file 2146 copies, to solve the urban laid-off workers pension insurance, residents marriage registration, property transfer and inheritance issues. (author: Mo Qing)

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