Transportation sector to protect the busy season travel travel

into the tourist season, the province’s provincial highway traffic continues to rise. The transportation departments at all levels to visitors, tourists as the first priority, to take effective measures to ensure the smooth road pat earnestly.

it is understood that in July our province highway traffic volume reached 6 million 685 thousand vehicles, up 43.8% compared to June, representing an increase of 4.5% over the same period last year. From August 1st to 10, the highway traffic reached 2 million 660 thousand, the next will usher in a small peak travel.

in order to create a good road conditions for passenger travel, the province’s highway maintenance department in advance deployment, investment in human and material resources to beautify the road environment, and timely disposal of road diseases. "Since April, we carried out concentrated rectification, to the custody of the more than 1 thousand and 600 km national highway pavement disease up to now, a total investment of manpower more than 20 thousand days, more than 20 square meters of pavement renovation." Liu Chunsheng, deputy director of the central section of Haidong highway maintenance center.

at the same time, the transport sector in 109 National Highway Daotanghe to Qinghai Lake scenic area along the line set up 8 slow blocking Paul chang the parking lot, built the tea card Saline Lake scenic road, and highway 227 In Daban mountain to Qilian added 41 block traffic, tourism signs, 7 new parking bays.

In the face of

traffic continues to increase, the Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau of the toll station except full toll lane, take billabong and double fees and other ways to improve traffic efficiency, also set up a convenient service platform, to provide consulting and boiling water, line repair tools and other convenience services for past passengers.

highway departments have full employment, on the one hand to strengthen pavement inspections and safety propaganda, on the other hand, focus on the Qinghai Lake Xining to Guide section of the highway signage, illegal buildings, washing water points of centralized clearing.


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