The association of about 120000000000 single project investment of non public economy into the priva

recently held a reporter from the province’s non-public economic investment forum was informed that, in order to solve the difficulties and problems affecting private investment, real and guide the healthy development of private investment, the provincial government decided to launch a number of key projects, the introduction of private capital. To this end, the provincial development and Reform Commission with the relevant departments and regions, combing and screening of a number of water conservancy, transportation, energy, urban infrastructure, ecological environmental protection, livelihood projects and industrial development in areas such as 160 projects, specifically for the promotion of private enterprises, a total investment of 120 billion 170 million yuan.

non-public economy accounted for more than 30% of the province’s GDP

I, a series of measures and the implementation of investment and trade activities, effectively attract non-public economic organizations in a broader and more industry, the field of investment, so that the province’s private investment potential release, and constantly enhance the vitality of private investment. 2012, the province completed 79 billion 905 million yuan of private investment, an increase of 42.9%, the growth rate of the previous year increased by 3.9 percentage points; private investment accounted for about 41.62% of fixed asset investment; private private investment growth of 63.8%. The province’s non-public enterprises reached 14 thousand, individual industrial and commercial households of about 200000, non-public economy accounted for the proportion of the province’s GDP reached 32.8%.

allow private capital to enter the monopoly industry

Although the

field and scope of our province folk investment continues to expand, the development of non-public economy to optimize the environment, but there are some defects, the influence of folk capital into the "spring", "glass door" in different degrees in some places and departments exist. This time, the provincial government decided to launch 160 key projects, the introduction of private capital, fully reflects the provincial government attaches great importance to private investment and non-public economic development. These projects are not only fish card to one mile Ping railway and other infrastructure, but also shantytowns and public rental housing projects and other livelihood projects, the monopoly of private capital into the industry is a major positive.

private enterprises look forward to solve five problems

in the promotion of the project at the same time, the provincial development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce in the province to carry out a questionnaire survey. Private entrepreneurs have suggested that it should further optimize the development environment, and vigorously support the development of non-public economy, foster the growth of intermediaries and industry associations, increase investment efforts to protect the legitimate rights and interests of non-public enterprises. At present, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments have begun to step up research, and strive to implement more targeted measures through the formulation, solve problems, and the relevant policies and measures of the State Council and the provincial government to implement. (author: Xiao Yu)


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