Xining drinking water quality weekly published regularly

in recent years, the drinking water problem of public concern, as to the production and supply of tap water of Xining water (Group) Co. Ltd., and always will be the quality as the life, to strengthen the protection of water sources, water is equipped with advanced equipment and technology, improve quality, establish and perfect the three level water quality testing system, the formation of normal water quality testing mechanism.

from the beginning of 2010, in support of the municipal government, the company has invested 6 million yuan to purchase from abroad "GC" and other large and medium-sized water quality testing equipment, through large-scale renovation and upgrade for two years. July 1st onwards, the city has a new national standard of 106 indicators of self-test ability. At the same time also marks the city’s water quality testing to meet the international requirements to ensure that the public drinking water health.

water quality issues involving thousands of households, Xining water quality? Citizens are very concerned about. Today, the Xining water supply group will be announced by the Xining evening news, people hotline weekly water quality of the city, the general public is welcome to monitor.

Xining water supply hotline: 0971 – 8112112.

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