Military enterprises build a model of Mongolia road village new initiatives Yiwu trade show love


to carry out military enterprises build a model village "activities, Xining is to promote the" four development ", strengthen grass-roots party construction, accelerate the process of urban-rural integration is an important measure, but also implement the practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to industry nurturing agriculture and city support rural policy.

farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau this year as "military enterprises to build the demonstration village of Mongolia road in the village of linked units, actively participate in the old village renovation and construction and associated enterprises in Xining Yiwu trading company to strengthen ties and coordinate closely together to devote to build activities.

Xining Yiwu Trade Co., Ltd. for many years committed to the cause of trade in Xining, for the development of Commerce and trade in Xining has made important contributions, but also in the city and the province gathered around a certain reputation. Xining Yiwu Trading Co. Ltd. in May 30, 2012 under the leadership of the chairman of the company Mr. Wang Aiguo, Xining Yiwu trading company generously, the village primary school children brought $28 thousand and 200 worth of 177 sets of bags, stationery, basketball, badminton, rope and other sporting goods. The donation not only for the 123 school students Mongolia village primary school and 54 kindergarten children sent to the International Children’s Day gift, but also adds new initiatives and content for the military enterprises to build the demonstration village construction, Xining Yiwu trade limited company to return the society will make greater contributions to charity for the happy life of Xining City city accelerate sound and rapid development of various undertakings, people are satisfied with the construction of the city.

the donation ceremony, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, Huangyuan County, Heping Township, and Xining Yiwu trading company has said it will serve as a "good start for military enterprises to build a model village campaign donation, according to municipal Party committee to lead in the total catch, specifically responsible for the county, township (street) party implementation. The active participation of enterprises, peasant labor" principle, take the "village" in the village, build a "build" and "village enterprises build" and other forms, further integration of project funds, unite the forces, work together to promote the new rural construction of the city, for the city’s agricultural and rural undertakings in the healthy and orderly development the contribution of increasing farmers’ income, agricultural efficiency and rural development.



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