North District this year to increase the intensity of support to ensure that more than 200 small and

This year, the city of Xining city strictly implement the national, provincial and municipal preferential policies and measures to support the development of small and micro enterprises, small and micro enterprises to promote the standard expansion". The establishment of enterprise silver cooperation docking platform, the establishment of 2 million yuan investment guarantee fund guide, strengthen cooperation docking with banks, small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation; relying on the biological park expansion of park land acquisition, Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management, and increase the city land, planning department cohesion, create Small and micro businesses North Park and incubator to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on industries and enterprises in the park to carry out technical cooperation and supporting products, the formation of new special expertise, small micro enterprise groups. Ensure that this year more than 200 small and micro enterprises. (author: Wang Yang)

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