How to open the four aspects of the sushi shop need to pay attention to

sushi is very popular in Japan, and now is more popular in the domestic market, which also led investors to the hot springs of sushi shop. For entrepreneurial novice, exactly how to open a sushi shop, the following four points worth noting, can help a novice entrepreneurs quickly grasp the essentials of the sushi shop.


choose the shop mainly consider the following:

1, large flow and consumption level of the shopping center or commercial pedestrian street; 2, the surrounding area has more office buildings, schools, places, and, 3, more mature communities near.

these places and shopping malls and commercial pedestrian street as the best location, because the main consumer groups rotating sushi shop for 12 – to 25 year old young people, accounting for the total number of tourists of 67.2%. Young people of this age are more likely to be active.

find a location basically determines the success or failure of investment. For example, Tianhe City, six floor, friends and rotary sushi, had hit a record single day turnover of $97 thousand. "Friends and" product, price, service, in the decoration and other counterparts are similar, why can such a high turnover record? What are the advantages? Its advantage is that the shop is well selected.


One of the key factors for the success of a

store is the product, which is the product. How to open a sushi shop? The taste of the product, types and varieties is important, but we know the market positioning is dynamic, to be successful, but also change the traditional location of manufacturing flexibility, immutable and frozen, and change, with the market to follow the market, flexible operation market atmosphere. That is, according to the tastes of local customers design products, but also according to the seasons, holidays continue to adjust the transformation of products to attract customers.

is not a fixed pattern for sushi products than McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Chinese; North and South regional tastes quite different, different ability of accepting sashimi. For example, sushi sashimi can do more than the total production in Guangzhou in 65%, and the only area in the Yangtze River above about 25%, such as salmon, Arctic bay. So sushi must vary from place to place, according to local conditions to develop a taste for local people. Here are some examples:

case 1: Bangkok World Trade Center, Thailand boat sushi restaurant, the secret of success is the integration of the local eating habits: they are only produced in the 140 dish

five dish is sushi, the other is Thai people like to eat fried and fruit salad, the rest of the order service, so business is very hot;


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