Datong County to improve the degree of labor transfer organization

in recent years, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Department of labor employment and actively build employment service system, and the smooth employment information channel, build a platform for grass-roots employment services, developing rural labor brokers, the county labor transfer and continuously improve the degree of organization. According to the County Bureau of labor and employment data, by the end of November this year, 146 thousand people of rural labor transfer in the county, 11 thousand times more than last year; labor income reached 620 million yuan, an increase of 40 million yuan over the same period last year.

Datong County has 246 thousand people, including nearly 210 thousand rural labor force, the transfer of rural surplus labor force of 130 thousand people, accounting for the total number of rural labor force of 61.9%. In order to do a good job in the county labor transfer work, the county government set up a leading group of labor export work, and the labor skills training into the agricultural sector and the objectives of the township assessment system. The county has set up 20 community employment service coordinators, 7 community standards become the "full employment community", the county’s 20 townships have established labor security stations, 289 administrative villages in each village were determined 1-2 served by the village team members of the labor security information officer, the basic form of County Rural three level of employment and re employment service system, promote the process of integration of urban and rural construction work of human resources and social security.

of the township to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the basic situation of the registration status of rural labor resources and labor export, establish information database and accounting, according to labor broker led the information data analysis, the county labor transfer employment information report system normalization, to grasp the county’s rural labor transfer flow, flow and output, labor supply and demand the input to provide a reliable basis for. In the county to set up 20 villages and towns labor stations to return home reception point of migrant workers, migrant workers pay attention to track the dynamics of employment of migrant workers, the establishment of migrant workers monthly report system. Has been in the north to Heilongjiang, South to Guangdong, a number of provinces and cities to establish a 25 point of labor cooperation, to provide employment information to the county totaled more than 5, a total of up to 120 thousand people to absorb the labor force (times).

to give full play to the role of labor brokers, to further enhance the transfer output work organization, scale level, in the County Bureau of labor and employment organization under the guidance of the end of April this year established Datong County labor brokers association, attracting 240 brokers to join the association, and have set up a branch of the township. Since 2010, the County Bureau of labor and employment training of the rural labor brokers total 600, the county accounted for 35% of the total, effectively improve the overall quality of labor brokers, and promote the level of the scale of the work of labor export organization. (author: Xin Yuanrong)



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