Cheng Lihua stressed that accurately grasp the standard for evaluation to a ruler to ensure fair and

6 13, vice governor Cheng Lihua examined the 2016 common entrance marking work online, and expressed condolences to the marking teachers and staff.

Cheng Lihua to the scene of the marking of a comprehensive understanding of the marking process, marking the progress of the work and safety management, and to communicate with teachers marking, fully affirmed the work of marking management service organization. She pointed out that the provincial government attaches great importance to the safety of the college entrance examination work, marking work is very important and very important part in the recruitment, marking the work directly affects the fairness of examination and enrollment, the relationship between each of the candidates and their parents the vital interests of society, can not have the slightest mistake.

Cheng Lihua requirements, strengthen organizational leadership, the implementation of responsibility. Who is in charge, who is responsible for a clear division of responsibility, strict quality grading, carefully organize the entrance marking work, adhere to the standards, a ruler in the end. In a serious and responsible attitude, in strict accordance with the standard for evaluation of carefully review every examination papers, to ensure fair and equitable, and a reasonable schedule, carefully check to ensure the quality of marking; enrollment service work, ensure the safety of college entrance examination work smoothly. Multiple channels for students and parents to understand and query admission policy and the voluntary reporting guidance so as to provide more convenient and efficient service, timely and accurate dissemination of relevant information, the guarantee of the right to know the candidates and their parents, improve satisfaction.


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