Datong vegetables won Xining famous trademark

days ago, by the Xining municipal famous trademarks assessment work leading group, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County "classic mountain vegetable products" trademark was named Xining fifth well-known trademarks.

in recent years, Datong County focus on the Datong construction has become a general requirements of production and processing base of green agricultural products of Xining city and "strong Datong, Xining service", to further adjust the agricultural industry structure, optimize regional layout, introduction and popularization of fine varieties, complete the standardization of production technology, the characteristics of agricultural animal husbandry industry base construction quality, large scale and high benefit, cultivate brand agricultural products with regional characteristics, high visibility, the development of "one village one product" and "a town", and vigorously promote the industrialization of agriculture, building a new pattern of coordinated development of regional advantages, advantages and advantages of industrial base and brand advantage, promotion of cucumber and tomato, pepper, eggplant, cabbage, squash and other nine categories of more than 140 kinds of new varieties of vegetables, the vegetable planting area of 110 thousand and 700 mu, vegetable Total output of 295 thousand and 100 tons. In order to improve the visibility of vegetable products, broaden the sales channels, and actively explore the "agriculture super, agricultural city" docking, vegetable direct marketing or distribution model. At present, Xining city has built 40 direct sales of vegetables; take government subsidies to enterprises or specialized cooperative organizations to purchase vegetables direct car 12, one-stop sales of printed vegetable packing box, and focus to create a "classic mountain" brand Datong vegetable brand. (author: tongxuan)

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