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by the annual processing of 40 thousand tons of rapeseed oil to the low class annual processing of 300 thousand tons of high-grade rapeseed oil; by the year business less than 1 million yuan to the present total assets of 400 million yuan; from a product, a production line to now invest 620 million yuan. Construction of the northwest region’s largest grain and oil processing and logistics demonstration park to take shape…… 10 years, Huangzhong Hongda Co. Ltd. the purchase and sale of agricultural products in the government and financial departments at all levels to help support, through their own efforts, has been showing a high grade, scale, brand, image development trend.

, founded in 2002 by the farmers from the Huang Zhonghong agricultural by-products sales Co., Ltd., was originally a small business annual processing of 40 thousand tons of rapeseed oil. After several years of development, to 2010 has reached an annual output of 100 thousand tons of products in addition to ensure that the central reserve scale, Chengdu, Tibet, Xining, directly under the peace, Lanzhou, Gaotai depot, enjoys a good reputation in more than and 10 provinces and cities nationwide, products in short supply. In order to maintain the sustainable development of enterprises, especially in 2008 won the international halal food and products exhibition "Gold Award" and in 2010 won the "Qinghai famous trademark", the company started to a higher level, the introduction of world-class Nissan 300 tons of grain and oil production line (a full set of production line for 24 hours only 12 employees shift operation) not only makes the production from the original annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons to 300 thousand tons, ranked among the top 5, and reached Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, the quality of the major hotels, supermarkets for high-grade oil standard (price per kilogram than mid-range oil increased by 10 times), the ongoing product packaging design research will soon be on the market.

In view of

in recent years, the international economic situation is complicated, in order to enhance the ability to withstand market risks, the board of directors of the company on the basis of extensive market research and full discussion of the area in Huangzhong County, DOPA 500 acres of land, investment 620 million yuan, the construction of large grain and oil processing and logistics park. See in an interview with reporters at the beginning of December: as of now, the park has a total investment of 250 million yuan in fixed assets, a project of 50 thousand tons of oil tank project and oil pump housing, shed and other ancillary facilities have been completed and put into use; 100 thousand tons of open housing has completed 60 thousand tons; 300 tons / day small package, 100 tons / day in the packaging production line has been put into use; large vegetable preservation project has entered the equipment installation phase; 1500 meters office and dormitory buildings has been completed construction project, is stepping up the decoration; 11 covers an area of 2 acres of high standard greenhouses have grown green "Ledu pepper"; road and pipe network project has been started housing; investment of 27 million yuan of grain and oil, vegetable distribution and logistics center, inspection center, 40 thousand square meters of the trading market has completed the design, the construction will be started next year…… Company chairman You Liangshan said that after the completion of the project, can form a large logistics park in grain and oil processing, storage, distribution, fresh agricultural products trading, tourism, sightseeing, catering for the whole, the annual output value of 1 billion 500 million yuan. (author: Liu Jianmin)

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