Preferential policies for college graduates

recently, a lot of college graduates call the newspaper news hotline 96369, consulting the province’s college graduates into the relevant matters. In this regard, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and the Provincial Department of education for the recruitment of college students answering questions.

– high educated soldiers, can enjoy 4 preferential policies

entrance examination

to participate in politics for the college admissions directional positions of the grass-roots public security, priority admission under the same conditions, and train a certain proportion of graduates to recruit retired applicants; participate in the national graduate students entrance examination within three years after retirement, the first test score 10 points; two class and above, after retirement exemption (refer to test) graduate study; higher vocational (high) degree, after retirement exemption adult undergraduate admission; or after a certain evaluation (this exam, plans to separate college admission alone), the proportion of 30% into ordinary undergraduate.

college graduates approved the army, school records into the recruits file

college graduates to participate in the state from April to July, at the beginning of the body examination and political examination qualified, fill in the "registration form", the account moved back into the preschool domicile, files can be stored to preschool domicile public employment service agencies and personnel. After the approval of the army, the file into the recruits file.

college graduates employment after retirement, migration has preferential policies

University Graduate enlisted after retiring from active service, may refer to the ordinary higher school graduates, with the employer recorded (recruits) with procedures, to the original university again apply for employment report card (from out of service in December 1st of that year to year ended December 31st), stalls Suiqian (municipality directly under the central government in accordance with the relevant provisions). To apply for public employment and personnel service agencies around the country, free access to public employment and personnel services in accordance with the provisions. To participate in the domicile of the provincial graduate employment guidance institutions, the original employment of college graduates recruitment, enjoy providing information, key recommendations, employment guidance and other employment services.

– no college graduates online state registration can also enjoy preferential policies for

did not register before leaving school graduates, in the winter conscription before before entering school domicile township (town, street) armed department to register and register for military service, qualified persons identified as prerequisitioned object, preferred SONGZHAN examination. Physical examination qualified, approved after the army, retroactive compensation compensatory procedure, can enjoy the preferential policies to encourage college graduates enlisted. (author: Mo Qing)



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