Huangyuan County Bureau of Commerce and industry to catch up with the wind to promote the implementa

recently, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau closely around the "service for the people, the theme of chuangxianzhengyou", to improve their work style, improve service efficiency, optimize the development environment as the starting point, to carry out a government to strengthen the PCED work for the purpose of administration according to law, conduct and discipline rectification activities to achieve good results.
A is strict management of cadres’ work style changes. First grasp the business, improve the quality of the team. To take the opening of the training session, director of the class lectures and other forms to strengthen business training. The management and transformation of discipline, to improve the quality of the team, establish a good image "as the theme, around the license, handling, team management and other key sectors, increase the effectiveness of supervision, the implementation of the" staff to inform system, adhere to a month Chajiu comprehensive supervision and inspection, administrative omission, chaos as the breach of work discipline damage to the interests of the masses, affect the business image of the unwholesome tendencies.

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