First armed forces legal aid workstation set up

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of troops and military dependents, properly handle the military dependents law related issues, recently, East District Bureau of justice organization planning to set up a legal aid center Chengdong District People’s Armed Forces Department workstation. It is understood that this legal service station for the establishment of the province’s first armed department legal aid workstation.

, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of the resident troops and military dependents forces and maintain social harmony and stability, to enhance the army’s cohesive force and fighting capacity, strengthen the officers to act in accordance with the concept is very important. The establishment of the Armed Forces Department of legal aid workstation to work into the overall layout of the legal service forces of legal aid, broaden the scope of services, improve security measures, to provide more quality and efficient legal services and strong legal protection for troops. The workstation will be carried out by military dependents of legal aid advocacy, acceptance of military dependents legal aid matters, accepting the preliminary examination within the scope of legal aid for military dependents, to meet the conditions in a timely manner to the East District Legal Aid Center to do the analysis of military dependents legal aid matters of information collection, etc., to ensure the workstations more convenient troops and military dependents the provision of legal aid.  

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