Datong County Health Bureau to strengthen publicity to promote public health

    September 1, 2012 is "national health lifestyle Publicity Day", in order to make the masses in Datong County to develop good habits, stay away from unhealthy lifestyle, CDC diseases slow professional organizations "smoke reducing oil, eat less hyperactivity" as the main content of the propaganda activities in Datong County of Jingning to carry out the square.

the campaign closely around the smoke control oil, national activities theme. Emphasis on smoking drinking less alcohol, the daily diet light has important significance for the prevention and control of hypertension, diabetes and other common chronic non disease; Association of smoking, obesity and cardiovascular disease; advocate people from smoking, eat less and exercise more healthy life habits, so as to keep away from the harm of non slow disease.


campaign is a large banner, 120 banners, to participate in the staff of 5 people, to the masses in the past issued "basic public health service health education manual" and "epilepsy prevention brochure" and "STD prevention brochures and other promotional materials more than 5000 copies.". By the masses of 2000 people. Through the propaganda activities, effectively improve the level of health knowledge of the propaganda and the masses, for the development of healthy and good habits have played a positive role in promoting.


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