North District Federation held a joint meeting

the morning of July 31st, north of the City Federation of industry and Commerce and the North District Health Authority on the formation of "North District Pharmaceutical Industry Association held a joint meeting, vice chairman of the north area of business union party secretary, Lin Yong, the North District Health Authority director Zhang Shenghong and departments responsible persons attended the meeting.
on how to set up the "Chengbei District pharmaceutical industry association to discuss, District Federation of industry and Commerce in" legislature, service society "concept, the specific content of the meeting on the establishment of" Chengbei District Pharmaceutical Industry Association of. The organic trade association is an indispensable part of a market economy in the social structure, the north pharmaceutical business enterprise has more than 80, the formation of the north area of the pharmaceutical industry association will be conducive to the promotion of standardized management of many north pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, the end of the medicine management situation, small, scattered, low "; enhance the socialization and service concept, unite, adhere to fair competition, and information guidance, consulting services, personnel training and other forms, to help member enterprises to solve the hot and difficult problems. To improve the quality of the society, improve the overall quality, do a good job of internal services, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the North District economy.


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