The invention patent rewards for talents

There is a return to pay, hard years of scientific and technological achievements finally won the national patent. Recently, the province’s 80 domestic invention patents authorized, 1 outstanding patent award in China, the patent application for more than 20 units in the first time to obtain a reward of three units. Among them, the invention patents reward 20 thousand yuan per piece, the Chinese patent Excellence Award of $50 thousand, the amount of patent applications more than the amount of the award of 100 thousand yuan.

it is understood that with the province’s rapid economic and social development and scientific and technological innovation ability to continuously improve the quantity and quality of patent applications has increased year by year, but compared with the national and provincial is still low. As of May 2014, the province has 400 patents of invention patents, the number of invention patents per million ownership of only 0.698, only higher than Tibet, far below the national average of 4.35. Give full play to the government’s role in promoting and guiding, improve the innovation ability of science and technology, enhance the patent protection and application level, an important policy measures in December 2012 our province will encourage innovation achievements of patents as innovation driven development. The policy to encourage innovation, encourage the creation of intellectual property rights to strengthen the use and protection, improve the quality and efficiency of patents, patent for our province to create a good environment for development and policy protection.  

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