Provincial CPPCC Standing Committee held its eleven session of the twenty one

provincial CPPCC Standing Committee of the eleven session of the Standing Committee held on September 13th to 14, held on. Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee held the opening ceremony and spoke. Vice President Wang Xiaoqing, Luo Zhaoyang, Ma Zhiwei, Ma Changqing, Ren Qing Jie, Li Xuansheng, Zhang Shoucheng, Ji Renfeng, members of the Secretary General Wang Jin and the Standing Committee of the 59 people attended.

vice governor Yan Jinhai attended the meeting. Provincial government departments responsible comrades attended the meeting to listen to the views and suggestions.

Conference on the implementation of precise poverty alleviation, accurate poverty alleviation, improve the effectiveness of poverty to carry out thematic consultations. The meeting is an important part of the provincial CPPCC annual consultation plan to determine the importance of a strong supervision and consultation activities. Before the meeting, the CPPCC National Committee composed of 10 research teams went to the province’s two cities in the first line of extensive research on poverty alleviation of the six states, to make good preparations for a good meeting.

, Yan Jin of the province’s poverty alleviation work report Haitong; Xiaoqing, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC deputy party secretary, Wang made "adhere to the precise poverty, integrated force, continue to promote poverty alleviation" report; Wu Jie, Zhang Li, He Gang, Ma Lin, Ma Jingang, Zhang Wenjun, Li Yi, Chen Lixin, Yao high, Liu Hong, in the country for 11 members spoke at the meeting; comrades around the theme of the meeting group conducted a serious discussion, put forward a series of targeted suggestions.

members believe that the province’s poverty alleviation efforts to carry out solid progress. Poverty alleviation is the first livelihood projects, is a common political responsibility, but also an important stage for CPPCC members. We must adhere to poverty alleviation and development and promote economic and social development, and pay equal attention to ecological protection, and effective convergence of social security. To further make poverty alleviation planning, precise poverty, precise poverty; further expand employment, focusing on cultivating characteristic industry; strengthen the education of poverty, poverty alleviation and finance, to further stimulate the poor object internal driving force; to further strengthen the organization and supervision and assessment of poverty alleviation.

meeting also considered the general committee of the CPPCC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the general committee (Amendment), informed the eleven CPPCC Provincial Committee of the Standing Committee of the twenty meeting of the main work, considered and adopted the personnel matters.


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