This year the focus of the province’s sports work to determine

April 2nd, the province’s sports work conference held in the national plateau in 2013. The meeting reviewed and summed up the achievements of the province’s sports in 2012, and made a new deployment of the province’s sports development in 2013.

the meeting clearly this year to make every effort to implement the "national fitness regulations" and "Qinghai province fitness implementation plan (2011 – 2015)" further accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction, sports, carry out extensive fitness activities, preparing for the competition, bigger and stronger sports tourism, sports talents, to accelerate the development of the sports industry the focus of work. Among them, the twelfth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race will be held in Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces from July 7th to 20, crossing the the Yellow River extreme challenge in mid June will be held in Xunhua, climbing World Cup tournament will be held in Guide in 7-8 months; will focus on the construction of towns and villages, fitness small square community fitness venues, fitness facilities this year, to maximize the improvement of the province of urban and rural fitness foundation conditions, and strive annual sports population increased by 1.4%, the number of training social instructors at all levels should more than 1000. (author: Wei Shuang)


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