Rule of law in Xining

Rule of law is an important means to maintain fairness and justice, promote social harmony. In recent years, Xining vigorously promote the rule of law process, formulated the "rule of law", Xining construction program "on the rule of law construction of Xining implementation opinions" and other policy documents, to carry out the rule of law in Xining "to create activities in the province launched the" law into seven 1+N "mode of Xining, the city created a large number of countries the county and provincial demonstration village, community democracy and the rule of law, the city was awarded the" national legal office city to create the national rule of law advanced unit ", and constantly improve the level of governance according to law, to lay a solid foundation for building a harmonious Xining.General secretary Xi Jinping in his speech

official governance right in accordance with the law. Government compliance is the core of the rule of law in Xining, the cadres of the rule of law is the key to the construction of the rule of law, the rule of law is the basis of building the rule of law in Xining, Xining. Leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in the law, understand the law, personally, do according to the law, administrative power should be granted according to the rules, and exercise effective supervision according to law, administer officials and officials, according to the law to prevent the lack of administrative rights in accordance with the law, and abuse of power, promote the whole society to respect the law, abide by the law, uphold the law. To strengthen the foundation of the letter act. To the law, the law must be strictly enforced and violations of law "principle to implement, strengthen public trust in the legal sense, get rid of the wrong ideas, correct right above the law, not the letter of law’s indiscretion. To guide all citizens to do Tomonobu Aichi, rational expression of demands, safeguard rights and interests in accordance with the law, earnestly fulfill their obligations, to expand the rule of law and the credibility of persuasion. To give full play to the rule of law culture rendering, penetration, support role, so that the rule of law in the hearts of the people, words and deeds to observe the rules and regulations, the law is the only way to speak. To have a great fear of the law. Law is the sword that hangs over every man’s head. The national laws and regulations and party disciplines acts as a "high tension line", acting work in strict accordance with the law;

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