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· Chinese; Qinghai international Tibetan medicine Cordyceps cum Exhibition Fair opening day," 2013 haiwaichizi cum plateau Qinghai Tibet Plateau Tibetan local sustainable development forum officially launched. Professional and technical personnel, scientific research institutes related enterprises 7 domestic and foreign experts from outside the province and the researchers of the Institute of medicinal materials and operators together, to discuss the protection of the Tibetan Plateau with Cordyceps sinensis as rare resources and sustainable utilization.

it is understood that in 2009, the Department launched the "overseas Chinese service action plan", to further increase the students to serve the country’s policy support, financial support and service efforts, in more areas and at a higher level to attract overseas student personnel and experts to participate in the construction of the motherland through a variety of appropriate form. Since 2010, our province in the "plan" as a platform, in accordance with the urgent, basic principles and practical effect, for 4 consecutive years, organized the "activities" green service overseas to build cooperation and exchange platform for professional and technical personnel in our province and overseas students, effectively solve the technical problems there is a production and research in related fields of our province.

in March this year, according to the spirit of the relevant documents of the Department, provincial people club hall declared "2013 haiwaichizi plateau and Qinghai Tibet Plateau Tibetan local sustainable development summit forum". In June, the forum selected 2013 annual deficit plan ", and grant the amount of 120 thousand yuan. For the better implementation of the "pure", combined with our province Cordyceps special economic and industrial development of the status quo, the provincial agency office in conjunction with the Department of Commerce will be the forum as a sub project into the first "fair", aimed at further innovation conference and "pure plan" form, rich contents of the exhibition, exhibition promotion level.

forum, the experts described the experience and development direction of the latest achievements of the Tibetan Plateau, rare wild fungus research field at home and abroad from different angles, help our province engaged in research, development and utilization of Tibetan medicine Cordyceps and the relevant research institutions and enterprises to fully understand the latest research results, to further expand the horizons of scientific research personnel. Science and technology innovation in the industry enterprises in our province, Tibetan medicine Cordyceps, to achieve the transformation of development to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries has played an important role. (author: Lina)

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