ncrease drug prevention and awareness of the community in Henan to stop the anti drug book corner

drugs in our life and the popularization of the phenomenon, a lot of people because of the drug embarked on the road of crime, there are a lot of people because of drugs and the drug has become the Regal isolationist, erosion of drug addicts’ spirit and soul, like a dead-alive person general survival in the world, according to the current social situation, narcotics Judu is indispensable. On the morning of October 19th, the Henan provincial anti drug corner book launch ceremony was held in the 27 District of Zhengzhou in 2016.

it is reported that the project is a national anti drug community library, Chinese UNODC anti drug foundation to carry out the poison ruthless, content of human love "as the theme of" thousand love project "public welfare projects, it faces the grass-roots community, the forefront of deep narcotics, serve the community, is to improve the practice of people’s awareness of narcotics to strengthen the anti drug publicity and education, under the new situation, but also adhere to the Party committee and government directly reflect the people-oriented, humanistic care for drug addicts.

national UNODC, Chinese BDF, Henan Provincial Office attaches great importance to the community drug library construction work, regard it as an important starting point to promote the innovation of publicity, and the key support of the people’s war, and vigorously promote.

according to the relevant person in charge, since the province to carry out the work of creating a community drug library, a total of 12 cities in Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan, Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Anyang, Xuchang, Nanyang, Shangqiu, Zhumadian, Jiyuan, Gongyi, etc. (Xincai county) established 20 community drug library.

a lot of people in life because there is no sense of drug control, which led to the spread of drugs on their own, drug addiction is a very difficult thing to cure, so the majority of people in the beginning, we must resolutely refuse. "Community anti drug book corner to give full play to the masses, flexible and diverse advantages, and actively carry out anti drug publicity and education, and effectively improve the masses of the community’s awareness of poison, anti drug, anti-virus awareness." The responsible person said, the next step, the province will continue to strengthen community anti drug library construction, community culture construction more common drug masses, perfect facilities, distinctive characteristics, let the anti drug propaganda into thousands of households, to create a strong atmosphere of the people’s war.

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