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now occupy the mainstream position in the food industry are what industry, the survey is the franchise and the technological innovation capacity of catering enterprises, and scientific management process, occupy a favorable position in the market competition. Scientific meal catering management company will gradually replace the traditional catering industry manual random production, store workshops, personal experience, hurried to the industry group, chain and modernization; mass consumption is becoming the main food consumption market. Food culture has become the core of catering brand cultivation and catering business competition, modern science and technology, the concept of modern nutrition in the catering industry has been more widely used.

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"had made this steak fast" is born to join the brand market. From the beginning, Petacci will follow the "consistent from beginning to end of freedom and equality, courage, integrity work, health and nutrition" culture concept, continue to adhere to their own values and world outlook, adhere to the "integrity, innovation, efficient" spirit of enterprise, and actively promote the implementation of enterprise culture and the mainstream of learning, with the team ". Petacci smooth operation of the capital channel, scientific management system, human resources support, first-class market brand development ability, extensive social influence, Petacci is committed to create a China steak steak with fast food, type Western-style food industry well-known brands, and constantly create brilliant!

Petacci is committed to high standards of public catering, under the premise of ensuring food safety, constantly digging the needs of customers, to create a more healthy and fashionable delicacy. At the same time, the company advocates all rivers run into sea and mutual benefit of enterprise culture, to consumers, provide more in line with the development of the catering delicacy for the franchisee.

Petacci, the biggest advantage is that combines the advantages of Chinese and Western food culture, fast food nutrition Chinese will fully integrate into the western fast food restaurant with elegant dining environment, and the successful development of the catering needs of modern people to create a modern fast-food brand delicacy. At the same time in the product innovation category, the introduction of more delicacy, in addition to food and Petacci steak, such as ice cream, fried chicken, pasta, pizza, steak, French fries, burritos, juice and so on a series of products. Catering to the needs of consumers.

and Petacci know that modern people continues to accelerate the pace of life, the restaurant also has a more "fast" requirement, fast food market development, Petacci in every process to simplify the production time, consumers can do meal "lidengkequ". In this way, but also to improve the rate of turn over Petacci restaurant, build faster than KFC model, we can see that Petacci is the most in line with the development of fast food brands.

from the market demand and development trend, the steak market than other projects have a better space for development, a higher rate of return. The steak steak had fast food brand is the most consistent with.

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