Four requirements for retail stores to open a good shop

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retail business is indeed a market, but competition is indeed very fierce, it makes a lot of retailers is anxious. In short, retailers in the daily operations work is not only facing the end consumer market environment is different and the myriads of changes in demand, but also the face from the surrounding peer pressure, once the operation is not good, it is easy to bring passive management. Therefore, retailers in the shop business to read "three character classic".

good image. Image is the first impression. In business, the first impression is very important, depending on whether consumers can implement the first element of the purchase behavior. The image includes two aspects: one is the image outside the store, and the other is the service image. A have a unique style of store image, the eye-catching signs, neat, clean store counter, bright lights, the first glance to win customers favor.

increased consumer stop time, to gather popularity to. Staff service image in the business work, also played a very important role, dress, clean and decent manner, the refined and courteous attitude courteous and accessible instantly, give people a sense of intimacy, so that consumers have a Guests feel at home. feeling.

atmosphere. In operation, the retailer to create a good business environment, can give customers a cold feeling of loss. Especially in the shop, to carry out a kind of effective stacking of goods, foil business atmosphere; and provide for manufacturers of promotional items posted, put effective.

but should pay attention to, can not block the eyes of consumers and the footsteps of the store. At the same time, the indoor lighting must be strong, the lack of light can be used to fill the fluorescent lamp, so that consumers can see every piece of merchandise. Each shelf, counters must be full and full of goods, hanging objects and posted to hang and posted in place, but can not give people a dazzling feeling.

health. Environmental sanitation is the premise of doing a good job in sales. A rational consumer, shopping is not possible in a dirty environment. In the daily operation of the work, the retail households should be good at cleaning up the work, usually pay attention to maintaining environmental health, develop good health habits, goods, counters, shelves to be cleaned regularly. Clean operating environment, clean out the window shopping, consumers can achieve physical and mental pleasure, to stimulate their shopping.

attitude pro. As the saying goes: a man without a smiling face. Retailers do not do a "serving the spectators" snobbish people, regardless of business size, customers are young and old, equally enthusiastic. For each customer to be enthusiastic, generous, decent. Let the customer see you as if you were old friends.

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