Whether the project is feasible 3 steps to understand the answer

the current venture capital market, the most is the lack of the project, however, whether the project is feasible in the end, such a project is worth our choice, naturally plagued countless entrepreneurs. In fact, the project is feasible, only need 3 steps to let us know the answer. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the steps of this scrutiny.

Xiaoshan Mr. Li advisory letter: I have opened a restaurant recently 10 years, the business has been bad, want to switch. But in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, encountered doubts. Before a few times when, now the network on a variety of investment projects below made some of my Nothing needed is lacking., is considering the project, hoping to give reference.


has a total of 3 projects, one of which involves a more practical and inexpensive industrial gas than acetylene: A8. 30 thousand inputs, the output of the 1 million, he saw the project manual, can not help but make a sigh: the effect is really so good, I think it should be the promotion of it? Will it be my turn? The reporter on this project specifically asked the Zhejiang branch of China mechanical academy dean Xu Lan. Xu Dean in a serious study of the project book of investment analysis, to entrepreneurs to teach a number of tips". He believes that the choice of new projects entrepreneurs may wish to do three knock".

Analysis of the authenticity of

knock on project

Xu Dean believes that the current name of the new technology, new products under the banner of a wide variety of projects, the online release of a variety of attractive high return project is countless. As a business with a small capital investor, in the options before, we must first understand the project publisher’s credibility. In general, the results of the real or not, in the beginning of the contact with the transferor can understand whether the product has been identified?

who presided over the identification, which well-known experts to participate, and so on, if you can see the original identification better. Investors should ask to see the results of the entity and the promotion of the transfer unit. If the results are still in the stage of scientific research, we must attach importance to the risk in the process of industrialization. Often there is a real scientific research achievements to industrialization is not successful.

Feasibility analysis of

two knock project

If the "

project" is true, and in the pre investment, must do their feasibility analysis, don’t let the transferor’s book project led by the nose, you will all the details of the implementation of the project carefully analyzed.

An example of

‘s "A8 ion gas project" by Mr. xu. That must be analyzed in the following aspects.

"A8 ion gas" market development, if the project is good, the number of a home may not have such a large profit space and market prospects; to pay attention to the realization of

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