Shandong top 3 million funds to support college students entrepreneurship

in Shandong college students the problem of insufficient funds, the Shandong government issued opinions in the future, Shandong college was founded Small and micro businesses, meet the conditions will be able to enjoy the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan -300 million in venture loans

of Shandong Province recently issued on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy of the implementation of the 23 views in depth, the future of college students, founded Small and micro businesses to meet the conditions, can enjoy the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan, 3 million yuan of business loans.

Shandong forward, encourage universities to set reasonable innovation credit, establish innovative credit accumulation and transfer system, students will carry out innovative experiments, published papers, patents and independent enterprise etc. will be converted into credits, students to participate in activities such as the research of classroom learning, the implementation of flexible educational system.

of Shandong province will further implement a new round of students start to lead the program, Small and micro businesses college graduates founded, monthly sales of no more than 30 thousand yuan temporarily exempt from value-added tax and business tax; the taxable income for the year is not higher than Small and micro businesses 200 thousand yuan, the taxable income by 50% of taxable income, pay enterprise income tax at the rate of 20%.

is now more and more college graduates want to through their own efforts to pursue a career in Shandong, the government introduced these favorable policies to support entrepreneurship, greatly encouraged the lack of self financing college graduates to start their own business, but also inject new impetus for regional development.

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