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sales is the need to pay attention to the strategy, the right strategy is conducive to the seller of a quick profit, this paper analyzes some marketing strategies and techniques for profit, if you want to work in sales, you can refer to the analysis to the middle. Some of the specific sales strategy, please look at the middle of the article analysis.

1: increase the percentage of time you use to sell. The idea is to spend less time on paperwork and spend more time with clients. Allow others to deal with the preparation of your customer relationship system data entry or expense reports.

2: think of your solution as a verb. This may sound vague, but it is a useful brain exercise.

3: see yourself as a client ally. There is a tendency to think in a confrontational way. You have to "convince" the customer, "beat" the opposition, "win" the business or "conquer" the territory.

4: cancel more potential customers. It is a mistake to sell to customers what they don’t need. Make sure you don’t sell anything you don’t really need, instead of trying to sell to a potential customer.

5: ask more questions during the conversation. As the conversation goes on, don’t confuse the narrative and sales, use the problem to guide the customer to draw a natural conclusion, the customer needs your solution, rather than talking to customers about your product can do.

6: improve the average quality of sales leads. If your sales leads from marketing, clear communication, based on your own practical experience, interested people and those who are buying. Provide specific details, including position, industry, typical organizational structure, etc..

7: improved conversion rate. Make sure you’re talking to a real decision maker, not just an influential person and an outsider. When you meet a decision maker, keep regular communication throughout the sales cycle.

8: increase your average capital value.

9: efforts to reduce the need to complete the transaction. Make sure that the customer actually triggers the "interesting event" of the purchase process and the time that matches your sales effort.

Introduces some strategies and methods for sales of intermediate

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