What are the procedures for brand clothing

want to start a successful business franchisee, in fact, for the selection of a good project is very important to join. Business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the project brand clothing, is a very wise choice. Brand clothing to join the project selection, shop, which join the process?

1, call the brand clothing to join the hotline or directly through the relevant brand clothing to join the site to consult brand clothing franchise. This is a preliminary understanding of the franchisee to join an important step in the knowledge of brand clothing, more is to understand the relevant matters to join.

2, preliminary negotiations: brand join the company to carry out a key step in the evaluation of brand clothing franchisee. Brand clothing franchisee can also visit the company’s brand, so you can further understand the actual situation, but also to prevent the need to join the trap.

3, and then is the brand to join the company assigned to the market for the intention of the brand clothing franchisee to conduct an investigation and evaluation, this is mainly to investigate the market and the franchisee strength.

4, careful market research, that is, the two sides signed a contract, this time, the need to join the relevant provisions of the business to carefully understand, and then is to join the franchisee to pay margin.

5, after signing the contract, it is necessary to join the business ready to do business. Mainly involves the following aspects.

(1) franchisees to provide shop size map. It is convenient to join the company’s display design decoration map.

(2) store layout design. This is the most do not need to worry about the franchisee, the franchisee but still need to gaze at the point, in order to avoid what.

(3) arrangements for the renovation, purchase of equipment. Decoration process is a very complicated process, involving all aspects of the need to be careful, the purchase of equipment is the need to consider the cost.

(4) recruitment. After the shop is good, is the recruitment of staff. Because the quality of the staff will directly affect the sales of the store, so the need to join in the recruitment of staff to try to recruit some of the better quality of staff.

(5) training staff. After the staff came in, all need a period of training, but this work is mainly responsible for joining the headquarters, so the franchisee does not need to spend much of the basic force.

(6) decoration audit. Even if the renovation work has been done, but still need to do the final audit.

(7) goods preparation: franchisee in accordance with the provisions of the company under the guidance of the commodity

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