Southern black sesame paste 30 years of wind and rain

believe that southern black sesame paste advertisements are many 80 childhood memories, familiar taste, really big brand, still has a high popularity, "the black Godfather" Wei Qingwen is a great tribute to nature.

he withstood criticism and even create criticism, with China to "black boss" in the Internet is not even heroic utterance, developed in the southern black sesame still occupied a number of topics of headlines, formation of non general growth. In the media briefing, he summed up the southern black sesame can develop today a total of "six words" of the Bible, these six words of today, many enterprises still enjoy.

focus: focus on creating a single product strength

black sesame paste is the beginning of southern black sesame is famous for the world, it is a testimony of the "product". Turning to the development process of the enterprise, Wei Qingwen admitted that the middle has gone through a lot of detours, but the final experience is to get to do subtraction, do not need to do anything but to do a product to do the best.

black sesame paste is produced in 1989, when the south from the national food hired 7 experts and professors as technical adviser, began to develop the research of black sesame paste, after half a year before the successful development of black sesame paste. In 1996, the company passed the FDA certification and ISO900Z quality system certification, access to the international market access, product distribution in the United States, Japan and other 13 countries and regions. This R & D investment is now very conscious of the advance, but also cast a black sesame paste difficult to exceed the strength of the product.


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