The same female university students with potatoes and fish make mad Street nine

now, want to be a lot of friends in the field of food and beverage, the increasingly fierce competition, those who are truly successful, naturally have their own methods. About "potatoes and fish", although not what thrilling plot can render, but in the night of nine street, look at the line of men, "Yo Yo brother brother son" noisy, look at the "hero" and "beauty Challenge Cup"…… Behind the hot business, accurate positioning, user perspective, product perfection and so on must be affixed to the label.

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today see potatoes and fish nine Street hot shop business, we may design the original Yang applauded the eyebrow, but when she was ready to do such an attempt, not recognized. But they chose to hold on. "Because we do what we like, we represent a large number of people."

traditional chefs and traditional catering practitioners do not create potatoes and fish, because they are bound to experience. Yang Mei is an outsider, she from the consumer point of view revolutionary dishes.


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